Fairhope Landing


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 DOG PARK RULES & Pet Policies

Dog Park Rules

Fairhope landing welcomes you to our dog park, for off-leash
exercise, potty breaks, and playdates. Use of this dog park is
for Fairhope Landing RV guests only. Enjoyers are subject to the
risk of property damage or injury with use of this dog resort.
Dog resort hours are from Dawn to Dusk.

  • Its mandatory that your dogs stay on-leash until you are in the Dog Park.

  • Identification and rabies tags are to be ALWAYS worn.

  • Owners are responsible for all actions and behavior of their dogs.

  • Its recommended dogs be at least six months old.

  • Animals other than dogs are not allowed.

  • Dogs showing aggression must be removed immediately.

  • Maximum of 15 dogs in park.

  • Owners MUST pick up after their dogs.

  • Dogs must be accompanied by a person at least 13 years of age when inside the dog park.

  • Glass, food, and drinks are not allowed inside dog park.

  • Pets must be free from transmissible diseases and have all up to date vaccinations.

  • To report aggressive animals or bites, please contact management at (251) 270-5000.

Pet Policies

UP to 3 household pets are welcomed per RV. This limit is strictly enforced.
Pets should be under the owners control and on a 6 foot leash whenever outside of your RV.
PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PETS. We provide numerous pet stations located throughout the resort grounds.
Pets are to be housed in RV's during quiet hours and when occupant leaves the resort, Pets cannot disturb your neighbors.
No outside pens or cages allowed. Fences must be approved by Resort staff. Do not leave your pet tied up outside your RV unless you are present.
Please do not bathe pets in Resort restrooms.
Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse, laundry room, playground, restrooms or pool area. Service dogs are welcome in all public access areas. Pets are welcome to visit the office to receive a treat.
We all love our pets, but we do not allow aggressive pet breeds. If your pet becomes aggressive towards guests, or other pets, you will be asked to leave the resort.
Cats are allowed. A 6-foot leash rule is in effect whenever the cat is outside the owner's RV.